Lydia. products are all produced in the UK, endeavouring to select manufacturers that are working in a more eco-friendly way.

All our cards and stationery items use 100% recycled papers and card.

For our notebooks and wrapping papers we use a high quality uk eco-printing company that is certified as using an effective 'Environmental Management System'. Their practice includes using vegetable oil based inks and a waterless, chemical free printer that is better for the environment. 100% of their printing generated waste is recycled with none to landfill. Their recycled papers benefit from the Carbon Capture programme where all the carbon generated during the production of this paper is offset by planting forests and woodlands in association with the Woodland Trust.

The gift boxes and belly band packaging are all made from 'Kraft' recycled paper. 
Not only is this packaging made of recycled paper, but they are also fully recyclable.

The tissue papers we use within our gift boxes are also from 100% recycled stock.