The Designer


Hello! I am Lydia the designer behind Lydia. (London) that I launched autumn 2019.

I returned to illustration with my own brand after a very long break, which came about when I fell back in love with my first passion drawing - immersing myself in sketching quirky, playful, fluid characters and animals. I am now hooked once more and keen to see where my brush and pencils will take me! 

My designs all start off hand drawn directly onto paper with brush and ink, combining soft and bold fluid brush strokes. Very inky fingers are very unavoidable.

My recent inspirations are true passions of mine, the sparks to start new collections such as ‘Swim Wild & Free’ – a celebration of the power of outdoor cold water swimming. My love for our planet’s rich marine life led the way to ‘Sea Our Oceans’ - a range I hoped would encourage proactive conversations about marine-life conservation. Being a cold water swimmer, sailing and recently starting to dive once more, I am constantly drawn to life on and within water.

I am a small brand dreaming big : 0 )